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To understand better what integrality is, Fr. Galaviz used diverse points of view typical of the formative pedagogy of Fr. Alberione.  In the vertical prospective there is the necessity to gather at the base of the consecrated Pauline the mature christian and even more profoundly a person who is well formed.    The horizontal perspective has the dynamic image of the Pauline cart which runs on four wheels.  Lastly, the integral Christological perspective (Jesus Master Way Truth and Life) is tied with the anthropoligical: all of man, with all his faculties and his gifts.

In the afternoon Br. Giuseppe Galli has presented the documents of the Congregation on formation: there are currently eight, offering different opportunities  yet among them are complementary.  The knowledge and analyses of the reality of young poople with consequent choices in the vocational and formative areas followed and was intensified with the need to respond to the challenges which - as is well known - offer great oppurtunities.