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The Superior General, Fr. Silvio Sassi, presided over the meeting inviting members to work with a mentality that always embraces the whole Congregation and in strict synergy with the other organisms, like the CTIA, the Center of Pauline Spirituality and the georgraphic and linguistic organisms.

The members of the Secretariat are the General Councilors Fr. Juan Manuel Galaviz and Br. Giuseppe Galli, Fr. Roberto Ponti (Italy), Fr. Fernando Teseyra (Argentina/Chile/Peru) and Fr. Johnson Vattakunnel (India/Nigeria).

The first task of the secretariat  is to compile a statue that is to be submitted for approval by the General Government.  Likewise the secretariat is to establish a series of priorities to orient its services.  The new organism also makes use of the treasure of experiences which have matured during the week of International Meeting of Coordinators of Vocation Promotion and Formation.

Photo Gallery of the Meeting at Ariccia (14-21 September 2008) >>>