Sun, Jun


So the first task in the morning was the final review of the new Statute of CAP-ESW which was then approved by the delegates.

In the afternoon, the delegates read and approved the final document. They also approved the Minutes of the whole proceedings prepared by Fr. Nestor Candado, the Secretary for the Plenary Meeting.

In 2015, all roads will lead to India as the the delegates agreed that the India-Nigeria Circumscription will host the 9th CAP-ESW Plenary Meeting.

And having received the dark-blue Collezione Shirt polo shirts for the official photo session the following day, the delegates proceeded to the Sanctuary of Saint Paul for the Vespers with their Filipino confreres.

The community dinner was graced by the presence of the members of the Institute of the Holy Family who had an audience with the Superior General Silvio Sassi.

Fotos by Fr. Restie de la Pena


Agenda Paolina

June 20, 2021

XII del Tempo Ordinario (v)
Gb 38,1.8-11; Sal 106; 2Cor 5,14-17; Mc 4,35-41
Per le Pastorelle inizia la novena ai Ss. Pietro e Paolo

June 20, 2021

* SSP: 1993 a Silang, Cavite (Filippine).

June 20, 2021

SSP: Fr. Gabriele Priori (1996) • FSP: Sr. M. Natalina Spada (2003) - Sr. Provvidenza Dai Prè (2007) • PD: Sr. M. Agnesina Catone (1969) - Sr. M. Evangeline Baac Cabello (2000) • IGS: Mons. Vittorio Ottaviani (1998) - D. Antonio Cerrone (2009) • IMSA: Violeta Talay Arcales (2012) • ISF: Matteo Pozzato (2009).